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United States

Obama: No strikes on 'Islamic State' in Syria for now

ImageBarack Obama has downplayed US military action in Syria. A rebel faction in the civil war may have been responsible for abducting UN peacekeepers in the Syrian Golan Heights.


Libya parliament resigns after Islamists restart GNC

ImageLibya's interim government has announced its resignation days after a rival Islamist administration was created. The international community has become increasingly concerned at the chaotic situation in the country.

Gaza Strip

Hamas refuses disarmament in Gaza until all demands are met

ImageHamas leader Khaled Meshaal has said the Palestinian Islamist movement will not disarm until all its demands are met. He added that the latest 50 days of bloodshed would not be the last round of conflict with Israel.

Ebola Virus

Ebola could infect 20,000 people, WHO says

More than 20,000 people could be infected in the latest Ebola outbreak, the World Health Organization says. Estimates show it could take up to nine months to halt the spread of the virus.


Pakistan army chief offers to 'mediate' political crisis

Pakistan's army chief has offered to mediate a two-week political struggle between the country's prime minister and the opposition. The crisis has paralyzed the government of premier Nawaz Sharif.


Erdogan: EU membership top priority for Turkey

New Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says EU membership and democratic reforms are his main priorities, in his first speech as head of state. He took the oath of office earlier on Thursday.


Germanwings pilots strike strands domestic passengers

Passengers booked on Germanwings could find themselves all packed up with nowhere to go. Holidaymakers face a chaotic end to their vacations as pilots of Lufthansa's budget subsidiary stage a Friday morning strike.



29.8.1924: Founding of the Gutenberg Book Club


1915: Ingrid Bergman

Days to remember

1756: The Seven Year War