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Neither side backing down as Hong Kong protests continue

ImageHong Kong's leader has said the government will not back down in the face of pro-democracy street demonstrations. Organizers have pledged to step up their protests unless their demands are met.


Turkey considers deploying troops to Syria

ImageThis week, the Turkish government intends to introduce legislation in parliament that would allow a possible deployment of the army in neighboring Syria. The step represents a U-turn in Ankara - and it has Kurds worried.


Iran announces 'military grant' for Lebanon

ImageIran has announced it will provide Shiite-ally Lebanon with military aid. Sunni extremists from Syria recently launched a large-scale incursion on a Lebanese border town, raising fears of what the future may hold.

Middle East

US recruits join foreign forces to find acceptance

Young Americans are opting out of the US military and joining foreign forces. The Israeli army recruited over 100 Americans during the war against Hamas, while others are being lured to join extremist groups.


Amnesty tells EU to put 'adequate' resources into sea rescues

Amnesty International has called on the EU to put more resources into rescuing migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. It also called for safe and legal routes to the EU for people fleeing crisis zones.

Natural Disasters

Search suspended on Japan's Mount Ontake

Search operations have been temporarily suspended on a Japanese volcano amid fears of a fresh eruption. Rescuers were trying to recover more than 20 bodies when the search was called off.

Ebola Virus

Ebola crisis: Is the world up to the challenge?

As the US and the world step up their efforts against the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the institutions and practices they rely on are being called into question.



30.9.1946: Death Sentences in the Nuremberg Trial


1882: Johannes Geiger

Days to remember

1791: Premiere of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”