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Western leaders plan Russian sanctions

ImageThe US and EU appear set to impose new sanctions targeting Russia's financial, defense and energy sectors in response to the unrest in Ukraine. Negotiations will continue in Brussels on Tuesday.


Libyan blaze spreads to second fuel depot

ImageA second fuel depot has caught fire amid militia battles near Tripoli. Libyan officials say the blaze is nearing a natural gas reservoir. Germany, Austria and the Philippines are the latest to evacuate their nationals.


France ready to facilitate asylum for Iraq’s Christians

ImageThe French government has offered to aid Christians in Iraq who are being persecuted by Sunni militant group ISIS. The extremists have issued an ultimatum for them to convert or face harsh consequences, including death.


Britain clears the way for fracking

New bidding for licenses to explore for shale gas in the United Kingdom has begun, ending a three-year hiatus. Britain is looking to reduce its reliance on foreign energy imports.


Russia shares tumble on Yukos ruling, sanctions fears

Russian stock markets have fallen for the third day as the specter of new EU sanctions chills investors. Speculators lost appetite for Russian risk after Moscow was ordered to compensate former Yukos shareholders.


Muslim Eid festival marred by several conflicts

Muslims in Gaza, Iraq, Syria and other regions have started the Eid al-Fitr festival with conflict looming over family celebrations. Eid follows the fasting month of Ramadan.


Judge clears sale of LA Clippers to ex-Microsoft boss Ballmer

A Los Angeles judge has tentatively approved the most expensive sale of an NBA basketball team in history. Co-owner Donald Sterling, at the helm for 33 years, had opposed the sale brokered by his estranged wife.



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