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Oil prices hit four-year low ahead of OPEC meeting

ImageOPEC members are due to convene in Vienna for one of their most crucial meetings in years. A glutted market has seen a drop in earnings for the oil producer cartel, which is responsible for a third of the world's crude.

United States

Cleveland shooting video shows police shot boy within seconds

ImagePolice have released video footage showing the moment when an officer fatally shot an African-American boy who was carrying a toy gun in Cleveland, Ohio. It comes in the wake of racially-charged protests in Ferguson.


British embassy vehicle hit in deadly Kabul suicide attack

ImageAfghan officials say several people have been killed and wounded in a suicide attack on a British embassy car in Kabul. The attack is the latest in a wave of bombings amid a withdrawal of foreign troops.

United States

Tensions ease in Ferguson ahead of Thanksgiving

Heavily armed police in the US town of Ferguson are working to prevent another night of violent protests. Scattered demonstrations have continued, however.


Munich refugees leave trees after police clear hunger-strike camp

Refugees who had spent the night in trees after German police cleared their camp in Munich are now safely back on the ground. They are demanding the right to stay in Germany.


Greek labor unions launch 24-hour strike over austerity

Greece's two biggest labor unions have begun a day-long strike, bringing short and long distance transportation to a halt. Stringent austerity measures, which threaten to intensify in 2015, prompted the work protest.


Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes dies from injuries

Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes has died, two days after receiving serious head injuries during a domestic match in Sydney. He was 25.



27.11.1969: Comprehensive School


1943: Jil Sander

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1975: Juan Carlos crowned King of Spain