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Ebola Virus

EU talks Ebola in Luxembourg as Spain nurse beats virus

ImageEU foreign ministers are gathering in Luxembourg to discuss Ebola. Despite allegations that authorities had mishandled her care, a nurse in Spain has tested negative for Ebola after undergoing two weeks of treatment.


In Japan, ministers picked by Abe quit over scandals

ImageIn what looks to be the biggest setback for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to date, the trade and justice ministers have resigned on the same day. The two women are accused of political misdeeds.


Nigeria claims talks 'inching closer' with Boko Haram

ImageNigeria's government claims it is close to securing the release of 219 school girls kidnapped in April. More talks with Boko Haram fighters are planned this week.

European Union

France calls on Germany to invest 50 billion euros in eurozone

Ahead of a visit to Berlin, two French ministers have called on Germany to invest 50 billion euros. It is the same amount by which Paris is to reduce public spending.


Lufthansa strike to become an international affair

Lufthansa's long-haul pilots will join the action with their short- and medium-leg colleagues over changes to their retirement plans. Long-haul flights had originally been exempted from the strike, announced Sunday.


In Jakarta, Widodo takes oath as Indonesia's president

Indonesia has inaugurated Joko Widodo. The president faces the challenges of rebooting a slowing economy and working with a potentially hostile opposition that has already landed some blows against his administration.


China's Central Committee to reform the 'rule of law'

China's ruling Communist Party's Central Committee meets this week to discuss how to rule the country in accordance with the law. But experts don't expect a substantial reform of China's judiciary.



20.10.1971: Willy Brandt Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize


1946: Elfriede Jelinek

Days to remember

1827: Battle of Navarino