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Syria's Kobani waits for Iraqi Kurd reinforcement as 'IS' attacks key crossing

Image'Islamic State' militants have reattempted to capture a crossing connecting the Syrian Kurd town of Kobani with Turkey. If they succeed, it could prevent Iraqi Kurd reinforcements from reaching the town.

Ebola Virus

Mauritania closes border with Mali over Ebola fears

ImageMauritania has closed its border with Mali after the country reported its first Ebola death near the frontier shared by the two countries. The WHO says more than 10,000 people have now been infected with the virus.


Brazil's presidential candidates face close run-off

ImagePolls show that Brazil's incumbent President Dilma Rousseff is likely to face stiff competition from challenger Aecio Neves in Sunday's presidential run-off. Around 143 million people are eligible to vote.

Human Rights

Iran executes Reyhaneh Jabbari despite international opposition

Iran has executed a woman despite an international campaign to halt her hanging. In a trial termed as a flawed and unfair, Reyhaneh Jabbari was convicted of murdering a man who attempted to rape her.


Thousands of Muslim Rohingyas flee Myanmar

Myanmar is experiencing yet another exodus of more than 8,000 Rohingya Muslims who are leaving the country by boat. The group has been repeatedly attacked by Buddhist mobs in the past few years.

World Records

Google high flyer Alan Eustace makes record leap from edge of space

An executive from Google has broken the record set by an Austrian skydiver in 2012, jumping from more than 25 miles above the Earth's surface. Alan Eustace was part of a project to develop commercial spacesuits.


Italians protest against PM Renzi's contested labor reforms

Tens of thousands of people have marched in Rome to voice their opposition to Prime Minister Renzi's plans to overhaul the labor market. The reforms aim to tackle unemployment and reboot Italy's stagnating economy.



26.10.1955: Austrian Neutrality


1916: François Mitterrand

Days to remember

1961: Tanks at Checkpoint Charlie