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Emir assures Merkel: Qatar has never supported 'IS' militants

ImageAt a meeting in Germany, Qatar's emir has told Chancellor Angela Merkel his country does not provide financial support to Islamist militants. The leaders also discussed the Gulf state's human rights record.


Germans increasingly carrying out IS suicide attacks

ImageUp to nine Germans have carried out suicide bombings for the "Islamic State" terror group this year, a German research team reports. Berlin is weighing its response amid fears that the number could continue to grow.


Russia applauds Ukraine's autonomy law as two die in Donetsk

ImageRussia has praised Ukraine's law on self-rule for the east and expressed hope that it will be thoroughly implemented. As the measure was announced, at least two people were killed and three injured in Donetsk.


Libya could become another Syria, warns foreign minister conference

Fresh fighting around Tripoli and Benghazi have led to worries that the crisis in Libya could devolve into another civil war like in Syria. An international conference in Madrid is calling for immediate action.


Germany to provide logistical help to Ebola-hit Liberia

Germany has said it will provide logistical help to tackle the West African Ebola crisis in the worst-hit country, Liberia. The World Bank has warned that the disease could have a "catastrophic" economic impact.


Ilham Tohti - The moderate critic

Ilham Tohti, a well-known Uighur and a moderate critic of Beijing's policy towards the country's Muslim minority, is on trial in China on charges of "separatism." DW takes a look at the scholar's life.


Pakistan's economy battered by floods and political unrest

Devastating floods and weeks of political turmoil have dealt a heavy blow to Pakistan's already struggling economy, with damages potentially adding up to tens of billions of dollars, as analyst Athar Hussain tells DW.



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